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TM Designworks Chain Rub Plate Review Product Review: TM Designworks Chain Rub Plate

TM Designworks Chain Rub Plate According to the manufacturer's product description:

"TM Designs has become known in the motorcycle industry because of their unbelievable durability through the demanding conditions of motocross and supercross racing. The TM Designs 2 Stage chain rub plate is constructed with an indestructible plastic material that is impregnated with an exclusive oil additive that virtually eliminates chain friction and drag offering maximum performance. For added performance and wear resistance the TM Designs 2 Stage chain rub plate uses a new molded design that is strategically machined with a powerlip chain guidance system for most models. New lightweight slider allow the TM Designs 2 Stage chain rub plate to bolt on like stock without having to remove the swingarm for easy installation. The TM Designs 2 Stage chain rub plate dramatically absorbs chain slap noise and high-pitched harmonics helping your motorcycle sound good."

Well, I am always amazed with the ability of good marketing people to write so much about such simple things. Who knew you could say so much about a lowly chain rub plate.


Of course, the TM Designworks rub plate fits perfectly, although the top of the chain will sit higher than with the stock rub plate.


The TM Designworks rub plate is made from a durable plastic material impregnated with lubricant (according to the manufacturer info). My guess is the product is made from Delrin ® impregnated with Teflon ®. I make no claims to the validity of this statement, but having used Delrin in industrial projects, I am certain I am right. Mounting holes are lined with bushings and the product comes with quality mounting hardware. This chain rub plate is much thicker on the top than stock units.


I really like the look of the TM Designworks rub plate. It has a very clean and smooth finish and is available in colors. The manufacturer's name is printed on the side in bold white letters. As far as rub plates go, this one looks cool.


TM Designworks warrants their chain rub plates for most bikes. There are limitations on the warranty and not all bikes are included. For example, the Kawasaki KXF 450 is not warranted. Naturally, because this happens to be my bike. The KXF though, shreds chain rub plates like no other bike I have had. For this reason, I was skeptical about dishing out a lot of cash on a rub plate. Afterall, its a consumable part. The TM Designworks chain rub plate does indeed take the abuse, much more than I expected. It holds up far better than stock units and other aftermarket ones as well. Part of its long lasting life is due to the upper thickness, but the rub plate eating habbits of the KXF 450 have revealed to me that the material of the TM Designworks rub plate is in fact better.


The TM Designworks rub plate costs significantly more than a stock rub plate and many other aftermarket ones too. However, it is worthy of the purchase because it lasts so much longer. This truely is a great product that performs as claimed and looks good too. My bet is you will save money on chain rub plates by using the TM Designworks product because you will buy them less often. And when it gets down to it, you don't want to be stingy on a product that is meant to protect your expensive aluminum swingarm.

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Post Date: March, 9 2013
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