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DID ERT Racing Chain Review Product Review: DID ERT Racing Chain

DID ERT chain on bike The DID ERT chain is designed, according to DID, exclusively for racing. Honestly, I don't think I really notice too much whether or not a chain is designed specifically for racing. Is it the weight? The rolling resistance? Actually yes, but with all of the different chains I have used over the years, the one thing I really notice is how long it lasts and how well the wheel spins.

Having said that, the DID ERT chain is an excellent non o-ring chain. Every time I have tried another chain, I have always come back to the ERT chain. It performs faithfully. I mean, you can trust this chain that it will hold up to the abuse you give it. It's not going to last forever, but it does last much longer than any standard chain you can buy (at least from my experience). I have proven this time and time again. In fact, DID rates this chain with a wear index of 430, which basically means it will last 4.3 times longer than a standard DID chain. They are right.

Can you get a better chain than the ERT? Yes, you can, but you have to compare apples to apples. A good quality racing o-ring chain will out last the ERT. The down side to the o-ring chain is the investment. A good o-ring chain costs significantly more, weighs more and has more rolling resistance. Not necessarily the best application for motocross. The ERT is more suited for motocross. If you make a fair comparison of chains, you'll find the DID ERT to be an excellent chain. I recommend it.

The DID ERT2 chain is the most trusted chain in supercross and motocross racing because of their reputation of meeting the high quality demands that are required when pushing the limits. The DID 520 ERT2 gold chain was designed with the intentions of making a chain that is optimized for purpose of racing. DID beefed up the 520 ERT2 chain by increasing the pin size by 3% to give the gold chain an average tensile strength of 8,100 pounds. Increasing the strength of the 520 ERT2 chain did not come with a sacrifice of weight, in fact DID was able to shed 5% from the previous ERT chain. DID provides a premium chain with the 520 ERT2 gold chain that cuts friction to a minimum and lightens the weight for all your racing chain requirments. Note: the DID 520 ERT2 gold chain includes a clip style master link.
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Post Date: Apr 5, 2011
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