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Tag Rebound Lo-Pro Grips Product Review: Tag Rebound Lo-Pro Grips

Tag Rebound Lo-Pro Grips


The grips fit to the handlebars perfectly. I glued them to the bars using Super Glue and had no issues with the installation.


These grips are dual compound grips. The internal structure is made from a material that is firm, while the outer core is made from a soft, textured material whose pattern mimics that of a DNA molecular structure. The grip pattern is consistent all the way around the grip surface. Additionally, a safety wire groove is molded into the grips on the thumb side only.


The grip area is light gray in color while the exposed grip ends and flanges are available in either red, blue or black.


Super Glue is always my preferred method of bonding grips to the bars and these grips glued down wonderfully. Never once have they slipped despite my all to frequent "death grip". I never even used safety wire with these and they held just fine. No doubt to the wonders of Super Glue.

Riding with these grips surprized me a bit. I actually didn't think they would provide as much traction as they did. I thought they gave me as much gripping confidence as my preferred medium compound full waffle types such as Renthal or Pro Taper. I thought they were comfortable as well, so from a riding perspective, I definitely like these grips. From a fatigue perspective, I can't say for sure, but given I can't tell, that's not a bad thing.

The only thing I don't like about these grips is they shred very fast. I admit though, I still haven't learned to relax like I should so I tend to grip too tightly. And, being an old dog, maybe I can't learn anymore or perhaps it's just a symptom of what I do for work. Regardless, it seems I can waste these grips in a hurry. In the images below, I probably had less than 10 hours of riding time.

Tag Rebound Grip, worn Tag Rebound grips on the bike


In the end, I do like these grips and would use them again, but not as my first choice. For me, longevity is as important as comfort and grip, so I'll likely continue with my preferred medium compound full waffle grips. Take longevity out of the mix, and you will find these grips quite likable.

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Post Date: Jan 22, 2013
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