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Flexx Bars by Fasst Co.Review Product Review: Fasst Company's Flexx Bars

Fasst Co Flexx Bars What is the Flexx Bar? The Flexx Bar is a performance aluminum handlebar designed to reduce shock and vibration. The center section of the bar is designed with pivot points at the ends where the handle sections attach, functioning as swingarms. The pivoting is controlled by a tie rod with which there is elastomer bushings that act as shock absorbers. The tie rods, as I call them, are bolts with a "ground head" to fit the bar correctly. Compression on the elastomers can be adjusted somewhat by tightening or loosening the Nyloc nuts. This not only tunes the dampening characteristics, but also adjusts the angle of the handles.

Fasst Co Flexx Bars The Flexx Bar is available in numerous bends to suit your application, whether for motocross, enduro or mini. The bar is a fully maintainable mechanism. Each of the individual components that make up the Flexx Bar can be purchased from Fasst Co. Further, four different grades of elastomers are available ranging from soft to firm.

The low down: I heard about the Flexx Bar years ago from a fellow vet rider who said that using these bars allowed him to return to motocross, as he had issues with his wrists preventing him from riding. He was thrilled with the Flexx bars. At the time, I never gave them much thought other than "what a cool concept". Afterall, I was happy with my Pro Tapers.

Spring forward several years. I tore the large bicep tendon from my right shoulder. Needless to say, the shoulder was falling out of socket because there wasn't much to hold it together. Surgery was required, further hampering my already bleek motocross career. Surgery went well, but it took a while to recover. I was unsure of how I tore my shoulder, but I think I did it lifting weights. I had enough doubt about the injury that I was questioning whether or not I should ride any more.

My doctor also believed I had injured myself with weights. He was an athelete as well. But, I was somewhat skeptical. Then I remembered the Flexx Bar, so I started checking into it. A lot more expensive than a traditional handlebar. Finally, I took a chance and bought one. Right out of the box I was impressed. The bar is built very well and has a good finish. Out of the box you get an assortment of elastomers as well as extra retaining nuts. Of course, I tried every elastomer. Getting the bars out of the box, the first thing I noticed was the weight. These handlebars weigh significantly more than a traditional handlebar.

I put these bars on my 2005 Honda CRF 450, using my Universal bar clamps. The fit was perfect. Out on the race track, I felt right at home with them, and never really had to get used to them. The dampening action worked great, particulary with the softer elastomers. Vibration is in fact reduced, resulting in less rider fatigue. My primary reason for using then though, was to reduce shock from taking big hits. They did the job. I used the Flexx Bars on my Honda for several years.

The Flexx Bars by Fasst Co. are a bit expensive, but they are worth the price in my opinion. They are built well and can take the abuse of motocross. The claims that Fasst Co. makes about reduced fatigue are a bit embellished with marketing verbage, but nonetheless are true. Don't think you are going to become a better rider by using them, but you will feel better with less fatigue because vibration is indeed reduced and the bars can flex when taking a big hit. Oh yeah, you'll never notice the weight.

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Post Date: Apr 17, 2011
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