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2012 Fox Turbo Kidney Belt Review Product Review: Fox Turbo Belt

The Fox website describes the Turbo Kidney Belt as follows:

  • The Turbo belt is the minimal bulk and maximum support leader.
  • Anatomical, flexible torso panels move in unison to mimic body movements.
  • Contoured rubber back support strategically hinged to wrap around midsection.
  • Channeled, molded internal Biofoam circulates air around back.
  • Three-strap retention system offers a snug fit.
Fox Turbo Belt

So, how good is this belt?

Well, it looks good in the picture. To be honest, when I first received this belt in the mail I was immediately disappointed. Not because it looked bad, but because it wasn't quite what I expected. I do think the belt has an attractive appearance, but an attractive appearance is not my end goal when buying a kidney belt. This belt simply is too narrow in height. Of course, I need to clarify this.

I am a big guy, at least by motocross standards, so I purchased the extra large size. I actually struggled with deciding which size to get because my waist is typically a little too big for the smaller size, but too small for the bigger size. When I put the belt on, it certainly wrapped around my massive midsection with no problem, but it was apparent that... I should have got the smaller size. Still, the fit is sufficient enough that the belt at least functions. However, there is so much length in the main elastic band that it interferes with the placement of the two outer straps. For me, the velcro on these outer straps do not locate correctly, so I have to compromise a bit to make it all work comfortably. Regarding the height of the belt, it feels like I am wearing a big rubber band around my gut. Hardly what I was hoping for. Smaller riders using the small size may not have this problem, if the height of the belt is the same as that of the large size.

Wearing the belt on the race track I do feel it gives me some support, but I stress "some". I continue to use the Fox Turbo Belt as of the writing of this article, but I am not exactly thrilled with this product. As of now, I am simply tolerating it until I get something different. Overall, I think the Turbo Belt is too flimsy and does not cover enough of the back and gut. After all, the whole purpose of a kidney belt is to support, is it not?

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Post Date: May 3, 2012
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