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2010 Alpinestars Tech 7 Review Product Review: 2010 Alpinestars Tech 7 MX Boots

Alpinestars' Tech 7 specifications:
  • Full-grain leather with impact and abrasion resistant TPU shell for unmatched levels for safety.
  • TPU protects toes, foot, ankle and lower leg from dangerous impact. Toe box area utilizes a unique dual injection process which offers greater flexibility and comfort
  • Dual compound toe box for improved flexibility and increased impact protection.
  • Brand new outsole using Tech 10 technology.
  • Closure system features 4 aluminum buckles with memory and a quick release/ locking system with self-aligning design for easy, precise closure.
  • TPU rubber gaiter at the top of the boot effectively seals out elements.
  • Shin plate protector is injected with high modulus TPU for a high level of impact and abrasion protection.
  • Contoured calf protector plate is injected with TPU for high impact protection.
  • Alpinestars’ exclusive high grip rubber double density compound outsole with replaceable sole.
  • Inner side of the boot specifically designed with dual compound TPU for improved grip.
  • Achilles flex zones for superior comfort, control and support.
  • The TECH 7 boot is CE certified.


$300 is a lot to spend for many of us common folks. You can certainly get a pair of boots for less, but if you ride a lot amd take your riding seriously, the Tech 7 is a sweet set of boots. I must admit, I was sweating a bit having to unload my wallet to get a set, but the price was well worth it.

Being familiar with the styling of the Alpinestars Tech 6 (and others like it), I was a bit skeptical of a boot that did not have a steel toe cap. The Tech 7 seemed rugged, though, when looking at them in the shop. Another concern I had initially was the replacement sole. My previous boots were Alpinestars Tech 6 and I wore out many sets of soles on those boots. I won't buy a boot that doesn't have a replacement sole, and though the Tech 7 does, it is not the entire sole. After many hours of riding, it is apparent that the replacable section is sufficient. Further more, the toe end is stout and keeps my toes protected.

I usually pay careful attention to buckles when I shop for boots. I have had many different boots in the past and buckles are often a boot's undoing. The Tech 7 buckles are excellent though. The latch mechanism is aluminum an snaps in to a plastic receiver. The latch is very tight though and can be difficult to operate. As frustrating as this can be, realize that this is to your advantage when you are ripping it up on the race track. Flimsy, easy to operate buckles don't cut it unless you don't ride agressively. I must admit, I bought a pair of Thor Quadrant boots. I am not impressed at all with the Quadrant, but I keep them as a backup in case I have to repair my good ones. The back up set allows me to deal with my boot problems at leisure and I don't have to skip a ride.

I was really quite amazed at the comfort of the The Tech 7. The Tech 7 has no inner booty, yet suits me wonderfully. For me, the boots fit like a glove. Walking in them seems awkward however. Even after many hours of use, the boots are still very stiff. The shape of the boot platform is curved a bit, so it never feels like my feet can plant flatly on the ground. Of course, these boots are not designed for walking, they are for moto.

The overall construction of the boot is awesome. These boots are as tough if not tougher than any boot I have ever owned. I have a love/hate relationship with the Tech 7 though. As much as I like them, the excellent quality, their ruggedness and the comfort, I am having some difficulty riding with them. I rode better with the Tech 6 (which had a more old school style). Primarily, this is because I have a difficult time feeling the shifter. More so, I am finding it a struggle executing an up shift because of the stiffness of the boot in the ankle area. This could just be me, however, I am struggling with more than just shifting! In conclusion, if you are looking for boots to buy, the Alpinestars Tech 7 are the right choice for serious riders.

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Post Date: Feb 26, 2011
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