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Fly Racing 2012 Kinetic racing pants
Fly Racing Kinetic pants, 2012 Product Review: 2012 Fly Racing Kinetic motocross pants

Product description:

Fly Racing designed the Kinetic Motocross Pant to complement a rider’s natural movements on the motorcycle, to eliminate unnecessary distractions, and look as stylish as possible.

  • Ultra-durable 840D construction to withstand the rigors of track and trail.
  • Asterisk boot-tether compliant three-level tether eyelets for easy installation of Asterisk knee brace boot tether straps.
  • High grade Kevlar sewn leather heat shield panels located on the inside of each leg for durability and heat resistance.
  • Ergonomically shaped knee generously contoured and designed to accommodate all types of knee braces and guards.
  • Integrated "soft-flex" TPR protective badging ventilated for increased airflow and cooling.
  • Customizable leg cuff design.
  • Internal pocket located inside the waistband.
  • Ratcheting fly closure with snap allows for adjustability and positive closure for a secure fit.
  • YKK main zipper for maximum zipper durability.
  • Adjustable waist belt for maximum fit and adjustability.
  • Stretch-rib panels strategically placed for flexibility where you want it most.
  • Full-floating seat surrounded by stretch-rib material, designed to move with you.
  • Comfort mesh liner is ventilated to help keep you comfortable and cool.
  • Sublimated graphics allow for the highest quality in fade-free graphics.


I really like the way these pants look. The colors are good and the patterns compliment each other well. Brand logos are stylish and look cool.


The construction of these pants is as very good and the material is rugged where it needs to be. The stitching is good for the most part, but I saw loose threads in a few areas after only a few rides, such as the logo patch on the inside of the pants and a few stragglers from the elastic waste band. Leather protection panels are sewn into both lower legs. The interior lining of the pants is thin but strong and fully vented as well. A heavy duty zipper is used and the waist is closed by a combination of a metal snap and a ratcheting plastic buckle setup. Overall, no complaints with the quality of construction except that the platic mesh panels in the rear of the pants break apart after extended use.


I love the way these pants fit. They fit better than I expected and are quite comfortable. Knee gaurds can be worn underneath with no restrictions in movement. It seems there is plenty of room for knee braces as well. As mentioned in the description, these pants have design features specifically for the Asterisk knee brace.


On the race track, these pants do not disappoint. They stay where they belong and move with the rider quite well. They seem to hold up fine as I have had no problems with anything tearing thus far. The only exception so far is the vented mesh on one of the molded polymer back panels. The mesh there has began tearing apart and could perhaps benefit from increased thickness or hole spacing that is wider. One complaint I do have about these pants is the buckle. The latch is too delicate and the design is poor. If you bump up against the buckle or bend over far enough that your gut squeezes against it, it releases. Aside from the fact that these pants have an inferior buckle design, I can't recall the buckle ever releasing while riding.


Though the 2012 Fly Kinetic motocross pants are not top of the line pants, they are close and are certainly worth the money. I would be surprised if anyone didn't like these pants in spite of the cheesey buckle. As much as I like them, I think Fly Racing should work on improving these pants. Very little needs to be done to make these even better than they are now.

Fly Kinetic Racing Pants back view of legs Fly Kinetic Racing Pants waiste interior view Fly Kinetic Racing Pants back view of waist Fly Kinetic Racing Pants back view of waist Fly Kinetic Racing Pants closeup of buckle Fly Kinetic Racing Pants front view of waist Fly Kinetic Racing Pants inside of leg liner Fly Kinetic Racing Pants closeup of knee area Fly Kinetic Racing Pants leg inside out

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Post Date: Feb 13, 2012
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