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2013 Fox 180 and 360 Motocross Pants
2013 Fox 180 Pants - Race 2013 Fox 360 Pants - Machina

While writing this, I contemplate whether or not I should even bother writing any product reviews, especially when it comes to clothing. Many apparel designs exist in a style for a given year, so a review may not be pertinent beyond that. Also, I am just an old guy who loves to moto (where did the time go?) so the array of moto gear I have experience with is admittedly limited. This is in part due to money because I can't afford to go out and spend my hard earned cash testing gear. Nevertheless, every once in a while I get a "thank you" from a fellow dirt biker who happened on my site in search of information.

So what about the Fox 180 and 360 pants? Well, I have been riding dirt bikes for many years, mostly motocross, having done many races here in the state of Colorado. The Fox 180 and Fox 360 pants have been my number one choice. I have used many different brands such as Oneal, Answer, Moose, Thor, and Flys, but for some reason, I always go back to the Fox 180. No science here, but it seems like I get a good balance between fit, durability and cost with the Fox 180 in particular. The 360 is a more rugged pant with more features and perhaps better performance than the 180, but honestly, I wear them out just as quickly as the 180 and once I am riding, I don't seem to care which type I am wearing.

I have never had a personal complaint against the Fox 180 nor the Fox 360 pants until this year (2013). I still love the pants, don't get me wrong. But, what is happening in the sizing department? Actually, my pants fit fine, but they do not open far enough to get them on easily. These pants did not used to be this way. Every time I put them on it is a struggle to get them past my hips (very frustrating, especially when wearing winter underwear). Yet, they fit fine when on. I have never experienced this with these pants in prior years. It seems also that the ankle region has gotten narrower as I find it more difficult to get the pants to slide over my feet. Did Fox simply make an error with their design this year? I have Fox MTB downhill riding shorts of the same size and they slide over my hips easily, just like the earlier years moto pants.

Notice the ankles are very narrow. They are just big enough. Maybe its just my preference, but I would like them to be a tad roomier. I have a difficult time getting the openings past my feet. I wear a US size 11 shoe, having about a "D" width, just to give you an idea how big my feet are. By the way, the pants shown here are a 36 waist size.

2013 fox 180 pants side view

2013 fox 180 pants view of narrow ankle cuff

You can see in these images how limited the waist opening is. It isn't so much the actual sizing of the waist that is the problem, rather how the waist opens up. I think it is because the zipper is too short. I am unsure if the zipper could be longer due to the way the front of the pants is tailored.

2013 fox 180 pants front view of waist area

2013 fox 180 pants rear top view of waiste opening

Aside from the pain I feel when putting these pants on, I still love them. However, I think Fox needs to revisit the design. I have a love hate relationship with the 2013 pants. I hate putting them on, but I still love riding with them.

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