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SDG Motocross Seat Review Product Review: SDG Motocross Bike Seat

Here is what SDG says about the motocross bike seat:
  • The seat is complete, ready to install
  • Water resistant closed cell seat foam
  • Three-panel, dual-stage gripper cover with double-stitched nylon taped seams
  • Nylon composite seat base for optimal strength
  • Lighter than most stock seats
  • Replaceable brackets on most models
  • All models are available in black top/black side panels
  • Available as a step seat, standard seat and a tall seat


From my experience, the SDG seat fits perfectly. Right out of the package, all you need to do is put it on the bike and you are ready to go.


The plastic base of the seat is a Nylon composite. The mounting brackets are attached to the plastic base with screws, which make them easy to replace if needed. The foam of the seat is fairly stiff, at least as stiff as a typical OEM seat. Sitting on it is no more or less uncomfortable than the OEM seats. The gripper seat cover consists of three panels stitched together with a durable Nylon thread.


Black is what you get. Currently I am not aware of any other color options, but I like black, so for me it doesn't matter. The seat does look good, in my opinion. Generally everything about the appearance of the seat is well thought out. The stitching lines up properly and the logo at the back of the seat is cool. The first SDG seat I bought I returned without ever using it. I was disgusted right away because the molding was distorted and some of the stitches were messed up. I did not think the cover would hold together so I stuck to my original (I wanted to try the tall seat). A couple of years later and a different bike, I really felt like a taller seat would benefit me because of my height and bad knees. I took a chance and bought another one. The seat was perfect.


Aside from the negative opinion of my first SDG seat purchase, I was quite happy with my second. The added height of the tall seat did help me slightly, but the firm feel and texture of the cover are what I really noticed. When sitting on the seat, you notice that it is a firm seat (ok by my book). The gripper cover works well to help hold you in place, but not so much that it rips your pants off or destorys the material in the butt of your pants. After riding with the SDG seat for a couple of years, it had held up well with little to no wear on the cover. The seat foam never broke down and the mounting brackets remained in good condition. After about a year and a half, the plastic base cracked on one side where the seat rests against the sub-frame rail. The crack was about 2 inches long, but never got worse. If it wasn't for seeing the crack, I would have never noticed it.


If you are in the market to buy a seat, the SDG seat is a less expensive alternative than a OEM seat. It is a no hassle option also, because the seat is complete and ready to go. Most likely, you will be satisfied with the appearance, quality and performance.

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Post Date: Apr 18, 2011
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